Building a rude talking trashcan robot for TEDx Copenhagen // Omnirobot E1

I’m building a rude robot trashcan for the breaks at TEDx Copenhagen 2019. They asked us to build a rude moving trashcan with a voice and drive it with an “in your face” attitude at TEDx Copenhagen in Tivolisalen… so we did.
The robot is built around an Arduino Uno used as the main controller and an Arduino Nano for the motor control. Commucation is via an USB Host Shield and a Bluetooth dongle. 2 MDD10A 2.0 motorcontrollers were used to control the 4 JGB37-550 motors.
The mp3 player is a Serial mp3 player v1.0 and the amplifier and speakers come from a set of Z150 Logitech computer speakers. Battery is a Tattu 22000 mAh, 14.8V 4 cells LiPo battery. A DC-DC converter was used to deliver 5V for the controllers.

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