RG350M Review- All Metal New Screen Is it Worth Buying?

In this video, we take a look at the new RG350M an all-aluminum variant of the Original Rg350 with a new IPS screen and button Layout Is it worthing buying or upgrading too from the old RG350? Let’s find out.
The New RG350M uses the same Dual Core  JZ4770 1.0 GHz CPU as the Original Rg350 and it has the same amount t of Ram so performance should be the same. It’s able to play PS1, SNES,Neo Geo, NES, Gameboy advance, PC engine, MAME and many many more.
With an upgraded MIPIS Dual Core 1.0Ghz JZ4770,521MB Ram 3.5 inch IPS Screen Dual analog Sticks, Mini HDMI Out and USB Type C This is looking like an awesome little Handheld emulation/Retro console.

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