How to determine what RaspberryPi you have from Command Line

Do you have a Raspberry Pi, yet aren’t sure exactly what make/model or hardware you have? The following will show you exact details about your device.
From a command line, or SSH session into your Raspberrry Pi, run the following command.

cat /proc/cpuinfo

And look for the line that states – Revision, this can then be cross checked with the list below.

RevisionRelease DateModelPCB RevisionMemoryNotes
BetaQ1 2012B (Beta)?256 MBBeta Board
0002Q1 2012B1.0256 MB
0003Q3 2012B (ECN0001)1.0256 MBFuses mod and D14 removed
0004Q3 2012B2.0256 MB(Mfg by Sony)
0005Q4 2012B2.0256 MB(Mfg by Qisda)
0006Q4 2012B2.0256 MB(Mfg by Egoman)
0007Q1 2013A2.0256 MB(Mfg by Egoman)
0008Q1 2013A2.0256 MB(Mfg by Sony)
0009Q1 2013A2.0256 MB(Mfg by Qisda)
000dQ4 2012B2.0512 MB(Mfg by Egoman)
000eQ4 2012B2.0512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
000fQ4 2012B2.0512 MB(Mfg by Qisda)
0010Q3 2014B+1.0512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
0011Q2 2014Compute Module 11.0512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
0012Q4 2014A+1.1256 MB(Mfg by Sony)
0013Q1 2015B+1.2512 MB(Mfg by Embest)
0014Q2 2014Compute Module 11.0512 MB(Mfg by Embest)
0015?A+1.1256 MB / 512 MB(Mfg by Embest)
a01040Unknown2 Model B1.01 GB(Mfg by Sony)
a01041Q1 20152 Model B1.11 GB(Mfg by Sony)
a21041Q1 20152 Model B1.11 GB(Mfg by Embest)
a22042Q3 20162 Model B (with BCM2837)1.21 GB(Mfg by Embest)
900021Q3 2016A+1.1512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
900032Q2 2016?B+1.2512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
900092Q4 2015Zero1.2512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
900093Q2 2016Zero1.3512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
920093Q4 2016?Zero1.3512 MB(Mfg by Embest)
9000c1Q1 2017Zero W1.1512 MB(Mfg by Sony)
a02082Q1 20163 Model B1.21 GB(Mfg by Sony)
a020a0Q1 2017Compute Module 3 (and CM3 Lite)1.01 GB(Mfg by Sony)
a22082Q1 20163 Model B1.21 GB(Mfg by Embest)
a32082Q4 20163 Model B1.21 GB(Mfg by Sony Japan)
a020d3Q1 20183 Model B+1.31 GB(Mfg by Sony)
9020e0Q4 20183 Model A+1.0512 MB(Mfg by Sony)

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