This Wearable Cyberdeck Is as Stylish as They Come

Cyberdecks are a dime a dozen these days, but this wearable cyberdeck called Кибердек RA01 that stands out.

The cyberdecks from William Gibson’s novels are pure function. Deckers in that world cobble their cyberdecks together without any concern for style. But that is, of course, punk rock as hell and stylish in its own apathetic way. Today’s cyberdeck community leans heavily into the cyberpunk aesthetic. Very few people build cyberdecks for practical purposes — they’d use a laptop if practicality was their concern. And that is why the hobby is enjoyable, because it gives enthusiasts the opportunity to express their inner dystopian industrial designer. R▲, a Russian “underground cyberpunk artist,” took that to heart when they built this wearable cyberdeck called КибердекRA01.

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