Jonathan Pallant’s Neotron Pico Turns the Raspberry Pi Pico Into a Full-Size ATX PC Motherboard

Based on the earlier Neotron 32, the Neotron Pico is an RP2040 home computer straight from the ’80s but compatible with modern cases.

Embedded Rust developer Jonathan Pallant is taking the popular Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board in a new direction: a simplified home computer, complete with a motherboard compatible with ATX cases.

Released earlier this year, the RP2040-powered Raspberry Pi Pico has been a stellar success. Despite being designed primarily for embedded microcontroller applications, it’s found a home in a range of unusual projects — like a visual synthesiseran interactive MicroPython-based computer for your deskanother for your pocketan emulated BBC Microan emulated 80186 PC, and even a Nintendo Entertainment System.

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