Mictic’s Wearable IMUs Turn Your Movements, Gestures Into Music via Smartphone App or MIDI

Prototyped on mbientLab Bluetooth IMU technology, the Mictic wristbands look to turn making music into simply moving your arms.

Zurich-based Mictic is looking to change the way people create and interact with music, using a wearable wristband-like instrument dubbed the Mictic and designed to translate gestures and movements into sound in real-time.

“Mictic is the Swiss-made XR [cross reality] wearable that turns your movements into sound,” Mershad Javan says of his company’s product. “It doesn’t matter if you already have a Grammy or have never picked up a musical instrument, with Mictic you’ll be expressing yourself the minute you put the wristbands on and connect via Bluetooth.”

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