Robin Grosset Takes a RaspberryPi Pico’s RP2040 to New Heights with an Overclock to 420MHz

Impressive overclock boosts the RP2040’s Arm cores to more than three times their official upper limit of 133MHz.

Engineer Robin Grosset has pushed a Raspberry Pi Pico and its RP2040 microcontroller to its limits, successfully overclocking the chip from its stock 133MHz to an impressive 420MHz.

Launched earlier this year the Raspberry Pi Pico development board plays host to Raspberry Pi’s first in-house silicon, the RP2040 microcontroller. Officially, the chip can be clocked at speeds of up to 133MHz — but unofficially the part can run considerably quicker, as is often required to get the best performance out of hacks like turning one into a fully-functional BBC Micro emulator.

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