TechsnGames Awards Best GTA V Mods For You To Try

The best GTA mods can range from adding some graphical overhaul, to creating a whole new bizarre game by adding zombies, superheroes, and a lot more. There’s a community of GTA V modders out there always creating some subtle tweaks from core gameplay and aesthetics, to complete and bizarre overhauls.

Indeed, a ton of mods available online makes it hard to even know where to start. So, for starters, we at TechsnGames gathered together this list of some of the best GTA V mods available – highlighting some of the greatest creations for you to try. These mods will definitely make your GTA V gaming experience crazier, prettier, richer, and so much more interesting.

Unfortunately, putting GTA V mods isn’t that simple and easy. There are two essential files that you need to download first: GTAV LUA Plugin and Script Hook V.

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