Zelda Ocarina Of Time Switch HD Remake Rumored For 2021

Rumours of a Zelda Ocarina Of Time Switch game have the Retro Dodo team celebrating Christmas all over again.

Many Nintendo fans around the world are waiting patiently for a new Zelda game to drop, though there is a lot of speculation as to what that game could actually be.

After the mammoth success of Breath of the Wild, Nintendo will undoubtedly be working hard to get the new release ready for the Nintendo Switch Pro. Still, with the Legend of Zelda series approaching an important milestone, the chances of seeing Link in a classic remake on the Switch are increasing by the minute.

The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2021. Our readers know how big Nintendo went on Marketing Mario‚Äôs 35th Anniversary; from Super Mario Shoes to Legeo Super Mario sets, Mazza partied hard.

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