Debra Ansell Is Quickly Becoming the “Go-To” Authority on Great-Looking LED Lighting!

It’s almost a guarantee that if you haven’t yet incorporated the ubiquitous WS2812x ‘NeoPixel’ or APA10x ‘DotStar’-style “digital” LEDs into a project, you will no doubt have seen the myriad works of many a maker, ranging from blinking, bedazzling digital jewelry to drive-in scale digital LED video walls.

No matter the form factor, getting these bare LED emitters to look their best can sometimes take quite a bit of work! A range of factors, from ensuring that you have provided an adequate power supply to diffusion of the light emitted from these devices — and everything in between! — means that there is usually a direct trade-off between the amount of thought that goes into the incorporation of these LEDs, and how fantastic the final product looks!

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