An Arduino Based Laser Guitar

Our love for music was not enough for us to learn playing instruments except for a few basics of guitar and saxophone. The background in physics we had pushed us to delve into incorporating technology and music together. We thought of the possibility of enhancing the guitar, the most famous instrument of all time. It could outperform the classical guitar with its metal string by creating more flexible options for the player and his/her performance. The project aims to design and build a guitar based on an optical setup built of Lasers, Beam Splitters, and Light sensors. The strings of the guitar will be replaced by an optical setup. The general technique for playing guitar to shorten the string by pressing your hand on the desired fret, and plucking with your other hand the string needed to produce the note or chord you want. If no fret is compressed, it is called an open string. Note that many techniques were invented during the years: Pulling, tapping, sliding, etc… however, we will stick to the standard way of guitar playing.

The design is composed of two modules, mimicking the two main tasks of playing guitar. By receiving certain information, The microcontroller would generate the desired note.

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