Shooting Bullet Time Sequences with Raspberry Pi

Eric Paré is experimenting with Matrix-eseque effects using 15 Raspberry Pi Cameras and Xangle Camera Server software.

Bullet time photography allows a single instant in time to be captured by multiple cameras, enabling one to “spin” around the subject virtually after the fact. It’s perhaps most recognizable from The Matrix film, and more recently Eric Paré has been experimenting with the technique using an array of 15 Raspberry Pi Camera v2 modules and the Xangle Camera Server software package.

As seen in the video below, Paré is by no means a stranger to bullet time, having created some stunning effects with more expensive and physically larger digital cameras. The Pi Camera’s tiny size, however, allows 15 of them to be stuffed very closely together, for what is his best density ever on a multi-camera rig.

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