Phoenix CNC’s H.E.D.S. CAN Gauge Packs Plenty of Features in a Compact Self-Contained Gadget

Phoenix CNC’s Hayri Uygur has launched a CAN bus add-on with built-in 1.3″ full-color IPS display panel, designed to offer at-a-glance monitoring of various vehicle functions and wireless connectivity to a phone or tablet.

“This is the newer version of my initial CAN Gauge Micro,” Uygur explains, “[with] more features than before: Dual info screen with speed and RPM; Speed screen with speed warning; RPM screen with shift light; Coolant temperature; Engine oil temperature; Intake air temperature; Ambient air temperature; Throttle position; Voltmeter; Fuel economy; Vacuum, boost/turbo; Air-fuel ratio; O2 sensor voltage, bitmap edited according to your cylinder number; Gear indicator.”

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