RaspberryPi 4 Model B 2GB SBC Gets a Permanent Price Cut to $35, Effectively Retiring the 1GB

Dropping from $45 to $35, the 2GB model is now the logical entry-point into the Raspberry Pi 4 family.

Falling memory prices have brought an early birthday treat for fans of the Raspberry Pi family of single-board computers: The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB variant has now dropped to $35, the original price of the 1GB.

At launch the Raspberry Pi 4 family was available in three varieties, differentiated only by the capacity of the on-board LPDDR4 RAM: an entry-level 1GB, a mid-range 2GB, and a top-end 4GB. While it’s been available for less than a year, though, falling memory prices have resulted in a rethink that has seen the 2GB model’s price slashed to match that of the 1GB — making it the new entry point into the family.

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