Innovate Asterisk Unveils a 3D-Printed RaspberryPi 4-Powered Tablet

Voice-over-IP specialist YouTuber Innovate Asterisk has published a step-by-step guide to assembling a Raspberry Pi-powered tablet, comprised of common off-the-shelf parts and housed in a custom 3D-printed case.

“The concept of the project is to develop a 3D-printable, Raspberry Pi-based tablet. All parts (components) must be easy to obtain and readily available,” Innovate Asterisk explains. “It must have a battery, and it must be the primary source of power (meaning, it will charge up with a cable plugged in, but must have enough power to run without it.) It must be able to operate perfectly fine without a keyboard (meaning, everything in the user interface should work without an issue even if you don’t have a keyboard and mouse plugged in.)”

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