Celebrate The Game Boy’s 30th By Putting Your Raspberry Pi Inside This Awesome Case

The art of retro gaming emulation is still frowned upon by many, but there’s no denying that the growing number of players who forgo original hardware for the convenience of all-in-one solutions, such as the Raspberry Pi system.

This pocket-sized computer can be loaded up with emulators and naughty-style ROMs to give you an instant vintage gaming collection – and it should come as no surprise to learn that many companies now produce plastic shells for the Pi which ape the look of legendary gaming systems.

We’ve already seen Pi cases shaped like NES, SNES and Mega Drive console, but this latest effort from Retroflag is the best yet. It allows you to place your Raspberry Pi Zero (or Zero W) inside an authentic-looking replica of the Game Boy, complete with a colour screen. Nintendo’s famous handheld turns 30 this week, so the timing is perfect.

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