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Arduino based Christmas Lights display - 2018 Show

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This was my second year doing a Christmas lights display, the setup being based around Arduino controllers.


Hardware used in my setup

Arduino Nano (Currently 9 of these in use on my setup)
Arduino Mega (1 used for my 32 channel relay setup)
Several 3pin waterproof connectors (used to connect RGB LED strips)
2x 16 Channel Relay modules (These do NOT support dimming and are just ON/OFF channels)
18awg 2 conductor power wire (Used for power injection into the LED strands)
16awg 4 conductor outdoor wire (Used for the WS2811 RGB LEDs)
WS2811 RGB LEDs 
PixNode Strips for WS2811 RGB LEDs (These are used to mount the LEDs around the house) I choose 2.5inch spacing to match my LED choice.

Software used in my setup

Vixen 3 Light Controller

Arduino Code for 32 Channel Relay Module
[download id="420"]

Arduino Code for WS2811 RGB LEDs
[download id="422"]