Libretro Cores Quick Look – Mupen64 Plus Next – 64 Disk Drive Support!

The Mupen64 Plus Next core now finally supports the 64 Disk Drive! In this video you see three games being tested: Polygon Studio, part of the Mario Artist set of game creation tools for the 64DD. Think of a prehistoric take on Dreams two decades ago. Next is F-Zero X Expansion Kit. F-Zero X received a 64DD expansion which bolted on a track editor to the game and added a few new cups. Third is Super Mario 64 Disk Version. It is essentially a proof of concept tech demo for the 64DD meant to show off the relatively fast loading times comparative to the PS1/Saturn’s double-speed CD-ROM drive. This would have been one of the big selling points of the 64DD had it not been continuously delayed well past its sell by date.

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