Look inside the 3D-printed Mars home that NASA awarded $500,000

When you think of future Martian habitats, what do they look like? A squat, half buried, windowless dome? A glorified fallout shelter? Or … how about … this? This is Marsha. Designed by AI SpaceFactory. It has windows, multiple floors, private rooms, and even a skylight. But best of all? NASA loves it.

The rocket scientists and engineers at NASA are pros when it comes to landing robots on Mars. And they’re figuring out how to get humans there next. But when it comes to living on Mars? Well, they decided to ask the public for help. In the 2010s, NASA launched its 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge. Over the years, its held multiple stages of the phases of the challenge that started with virtual designs and has since progressed to full-fledged 3-D printed models.

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