Windows 10: Microsoft lists the processors you’ll need for the May 2019 Update

Microsoft has updated its minimum processor requirements for the next major feature release of Windows 10, version 1903 or the May 2019 Update.

The biggest news from the freshly updated list of CPUs rated as “requirements” for Windows 10 1903 Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) — SAC being ready for businesses to deploy  — is that it’s exactly the same as the list for Windows 10 version 1809. 

Windows 10 1809, of course, is the much-delayed version of Windows 10 that limped out after the infamous data destruction bug and a ZIP data loss glitch were discovered. That’s why Windows 10 1903 is now, for the first time, sitting with Release Preview testers for an extra round of checksbefore being released to general users in late May, with the exception of IT pros who can get it via MSDN as of April 18.  

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