1 thought on “Keychron K1 Slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review”

  1. I ordered the Keychron K1 mechanical keyboard (version 2), 104 keys for my iMac Pro. What I liked: the light show is fun. Seeing colors at night or while I type is pleasing. Also, the sound of the keys is pleasant.

    What I don’t like:

    This is not a Mac-friendly keyboard. It feels & looks more Windows compatible. I miss the equal key on the number panel on the right. A number of keys are Windows keys and not useful on the Mac, for example, an “ins” key. The eject key is gone meaning you have to manually shutdown the computer using the Apple Menu.

    But most important, I like the Apple keyboard that came with my iMac Pro much better. The Keychron has raised keys, flat, that require some effort to press. I miss the Apple more flush and slightly curved keys – just tactility, the Apple keyboard feels more sophisticated; the Keychron more primitive & rough.

    After waiting a long time to receive the unit, the Keychron arrived with a deficit: the bottom left edge of the keyboard was dented. When I told Keychron support people about this deficit they responded, “Sorry about the dent” – That’s it! Some online reviews I read cited a lack of support from Keychron folks. My experience supports that.

    Overall, while I can’t speak to Window users, this is defiantly not in keeping with the layout and feel associated with Macintosh computers, and I’d advise Mac users to avoid it.

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