ZPG (Z-Pocket Game) retail edition unboxing & screen / audio test part 1 by Else Mark & VEClan

This is going to be a two part video, I made a mistake using “nit” instead of “lx“ on brightness, but lx is the current standard according to the maker of that prof screen testing thing that everybody is using, we won’t claim that we r experts on the screens, but we try our best to tell u what is going on , and what means what, and I believe our hobby badly need something like this to advance further, as you can’t just get a faster SoC and go cheap on everything else, most ppl just need one handheld and we wanna work them first with our new project “Else Mark” to give you all a full understanding on how things works , I will this unit to one of the best handheld reviewer that I know in the near future, he will provide you with everything else.

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