Ender 3 upgrades: EZR to direct drive adaptor and all in one rear mounted electronics case

I’ve put some hours into CAD this week, designing two upgrades to improve my Ender 3 that you can benefit from too.
The first is an adaptor to join my two favourite Ender 3 extruder mods together: the direct drive kit from Basaraba Innovations and the EZR extruder. This simple part gives reliable and convenient filament loading, with improved printing performance.
The second aims to tidy up my electronics, which were accessed underneath the printer and had buck converters and other components loose. I’ve created a modular system for mounting the electronics at the back of the machine, to suit the standard Creality board, an MKS Gen L or an SKR 1.3. There are also mounts for TL smoothers, a raspberry pi, a buck converter and two relays. The cooling fan is now much quieter and can be upgraded to a 40x20mm design without issue.

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