Four ways to beat moire on your 3D printer

Moire can ruin an otherwise beautiful 3D print.This artefact is caused by irregular extruder steps or pulses, leaving a repeating pattern on the surface. It can be really tricky to tune out, with different printers experiencing it for different reasons.
My Cocoon Create Touch / Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus / Monoprice Makerselect has it worse than most printers out there, exacerbated by the accuracy of the flexion extruder. In this guide, I’ll show you four potential solutions for beating moire. With any luck one or more of them will fix your problem. Fortunately, only one needs to work!
There are a lot of theories on why moire exists, and this is beyond the scope of this video. For this reason I’ve kept it simple, so keep this in mind before commenting. The example of the rounding teps is grossly simplified too which I am aware of. This video is about solutions, not problems.

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