Upgrading to the Hero Me Gen 2 fan for my Ender 3

I finally got around to printing off the new Gen 2 version of the Hero Me cooling setup, and I couldn’t be happier!
The major change in the Gen 2 remix is a larger cable flute to run your Hot end cables through, everything now fit like it should!

You can find the STL files here,
Hero Me Dual 5015 Gen 2

1 thought on “Upgrading to the Hero Me Gen 2 fan for my Ender 3”

  1. Thanks for choosing the Hero Me Gen2! And for creating a video!! All the Hero Me systems (CR-10/S/Pro/4/5/20/S4/S5 Ender 2/3/Pro/5, OEM, Micro Swiss, E3D V6 & Volcano, EZABL, BLTouch, Touch-mi, Dial gage, 5015 fans, 4020 fans, etc.) are in active development for more printers and refinement from everyone’s feedback. Most recently the parts cooling ducts have been significantly updated. The tips have been redesigned with 200% increase in exit port size as well as angled in the same way as the Petsfangs are oriented to move the point of turbulence off the tip of the nozzle. I regularly print PETG at 250c with the Hero Me cooling system printed in PLA and can bridge 200mm with no drooping. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3182917


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