A Blast from the past - Part 3 Music Video

A few of my friends I went to High School have a Rap group, still new to alot of the video editing software, and limited on options... I only had a finite amount of photos to work with and no video. I came up with this, sadly its a 5% complete video, and all my original work was lost, so this is all that remains.

There is alot of dead space, and blank areas that are intentionally left that way to add footage later.

A Blast from the past - Part 2 Movie Intro

When I first messed around with some video editing software, I decided I needed an Intro for my Home Theater, here is the outcome.

A Blast from the past - Part 1 EMags

Back in the Mid 90's I used to be in several Computer graphics, coding and other groups. This was in the Golden Era of the BBS, prior to the goliath days of the Internet today.

I wrote several Electronic Magazines in Turbo Pascal 7 and Assembler and then did some graphics and gathered interviews and articles.

Here is a quick demo of the History of the Cyberia / Quantum EMag (short lives as it is)

HomeSeer3 - Custom ASPX Web Control System

I've been working on a custom web console to control my home automation system, It's built off ASPX with and Java / HTML. The goal of the whole thing is to toss a few tablets around the house running this webpage, load it via cell phone or load it via remote or home web browsers.

This is still far from complete, all content visible does function, yet I just have ALOT of content to add....

Ambilight for the Mediacenter

A few months ago we came across the DIY Ambilight kits, within 15 minutes I had ordered 2 different kits to play around with. Here is the end result, I ended up with a kit from eBay with a 50 RBG LED Strand from Adafruit. I'll put more details in a full write up, but for now here are a couple of videos.